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Vote Now- Get Trans Lives Matter on PBS






My short Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles is in the running to air on PBS.

Official Selection of PBS Reel 13’s weekly short film contest, dedicated to the best in short film. October 2014 is “AFROPUNK Month.” Voting begins Now & continues through Wednesday, October…

UN officials 'shocked' by Detroit’s mass water shutoffs | Al Jazeera America


Lina Viktor is a New York-based fine artist & painter from London who uses patterns, symbolism, and iconography to address grand archetypes and concepts of infinity, greatness, and transcendence. Her acuminous paintings are composed of original black, white, and gold patterns that are gilded with 24-karat gold directly onto the canvas, amplifying the ornate sensibility that informs the framework of her riotous, powerful images.

Since her recent emergence, she has exhibited her work alongside Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Peter Beard, Tom Sachs, & Ryan McGinley, and has sold all of her paintings to date. (source)

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

Monday, October 20, 2014


sunshine andrews was, in the phrase of her hippie-cum-therapist parents, actualized. she was balanced and centered and bored to tears. and if she heard one more joke about her name, she might lose it completely. she didn’t know what she needed, but damn if she didn’t need it…NOW.

camryn porter is the kind of downpour that leaves you drenched and on the edge. she is the wind that tangles your sail and the waves that rock your boat. she gives sunny all manner of earthquakes and eruptions…but what happens when in the storm is over?

can sunny see past cam’s turbulent emotions to the steady, sweet heart at her center? can cam survive flying this close to the sun?

bring your umbrella! it’s going to get wet and wild in It’s Raining Femmes

#hallelujah #amen

Sunday, October 19, 2014
"You can only solve a murder by knowing who is destroying the evidence."
Mae Brussell



Hevya Sor - The Kurdish Red Crescent - has been recommended to me by two people (deeply involved in the different campaigns for Kurdistan) as the organisation to offer donations to, if you feel worried about where you money/other donations would go.

They are in desperate need of medications, in addition to money, and this link shows you what medication they need exactly(http://www.heyvasor.com/en/alikari/) Please keep this post circulating.

"How much violence was there in Nazi Germany before the Old Germany, the center of theater, opera, philosophy, poetry, psychology and medicine, was destroyed? How many incidents took place that were not coincidental before it was called Fascism? What were the transitions? How many people? Was it when the first tailor disappeared? Or librarian? Or professor? Or when the first press was close or the first song eliminated? Or when the first political science teacher was killed coming home on his bike? How many incidents happened there that were perfectly normal until people woke up and said, ‘Hey, we’re in a police state!’"
Mae Brussell, in ”Introduction: The Mind of Mae Brussell,” by Paul Krassner, in The Essential Mae Brussell: Investigations of Fascism in America, edited by Alex Constantine.
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